Ophelia | 60″x72″| oil on Canvas

Deities Series. Ophelia is my homage to the Pre-Raphaelites who fueled my love of art in my teenage years.  Inspired by Ophelia and Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse as well as the tragic Ophelia by John Everett Millais. The Pre-Raphaelites depicted women as sirens or damsels in distress.  Ophelia, after the loss of her father and having her heart broken and abandoned is called “mad”.  Society’s expectations of women silenced and dismissed her so she silenced herself by drowning (all while singing and surrounded by symbolic flowers). 

My Ophelia, in her modern chemise, is also surrounded by symbolic flowers. She surrenders to the water  and claims her feminine power. 


Size: 60″ x 72″ / 142cm x 183cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Year: 2023


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