Pink Cymbidium | 6×6″ | oil, gold leaf on canvas

When I started painting orchids, I got to know them a little better, including the Cymbidium or boat orchid. These delicate orchids have a butterfly shape. Each orchid type can have different symbolic meaning and this one is morality and virtue.

Each small flower in this ongoing series is my nod to the sacred, an echo of religious icons. In their fleeting existence, flowers are a reminder of the impermanence of life and importance of living in the present.

Gold, precious in its scarcity, mirrors the importance of the divine. It isn’t just a color; it’s an illumination, casting a glow that speaks of reverence and transcendence.

Size: 6″ x 6″ or 15.24cm x 15.24cm

Medium: Oil on canvas, gold metal leaf.

Series: Solarium

Year: 2023

Private Collection