I began this composition with feelings of being overwhelmed, as we often are. I try to find small moments of beauty to ground me and stop the circular thoughts spinning in my head. Thus the spinning hair punctuated by flowers.

I named her Circe for the Greek goddess known for her knowledge of herbs and potions. Poppies are known for their powerful medicine, bit also their danger.


Size: 24″ x 12″ / 61cm x 30m

Medium: Oil on canvas

Series: Deities

Year: 2024




In stock


Framing: Ships without a frame with 1″ painted canvas edge (edge can be a custom color). Contact me about having it custom framed.

Finish: Varnished with artists quality varnish.

Medium: Painted with professional quality oil paints on canvas.

Year: 2024

Authenticity: Signed by Marni Mutrux on the front corner, and well as the back. Painting title and year written on the back.

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