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Green Cattleya Orchid

Title: Green Cattleya Orchid

Series: Solarium

Medium: Oil paint on gallery edge canvas

Size: 6×6″ / 15.24cm

Solarium centers on finding peace during an intense time to be on this planet. Taking my focus down to a single leaf or flower is a very effective form of meditation allowing me to lose myself in these small worlds. Orchids are always miraculous to me – mysterious and secretive. I tend to stick them in trees in the backyard and forget the species until they bloom again. It’s always a surprise and a small miracle that they bloom again.

This particular bloom is a “Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dewy Forest”. This voluminous flower inspired me to add some Art Nouveau in the background to match its vivid colors.

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Out of stock


Framing: Ships unframed with 2″ painted gallery edge. Suitable for display without a frame. The back has a hand-drilled notch to ensure secure and flat display on a wall.

Finish: Varnished with artists quality varnish.

Medium: Painted with professional quality oil paints on artists canvas on wood frame.

Year: 2023

Authenticity: Signed by Marni Mutrux on the front corner, and well as the back. Painting title and year written on the back.

Price: Excludes taxes, shipping and handling costs.


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