Mangifera indica

About: Mangifera Indica is the scientific name for the common mango tree. Growing up in South Florida and now living in Puerto Rico, I am lucky enough to have had a tree either in my own or my neighbor’s yard. Whoever owns the mango tree, it’s common courtesy to share the bountiful fruit with your neighbors. A mango tree can live up to 100 years and produces up to 300 fruits per season on a mature tree.


The tree in this painting is in a growth cycle; the young leaves developing and expanding from older branches. The new leaves (depending on the variety) emerge a glossy deep purple and as they mature, change in color to ochre, sienna and finally a rich green. The green leathery leaves sometimes reach over two feet in length.

Series: Solarium

Medium: Oil paint, silver leaf on gallery edge canvas.

Size: 30×40″ / 76 x 102 cm

Artist notes: This painting changes spectacularly during the day from morning to night as light dances across the silver background.






Framing: Ships framed in a custom walnut floater frame. Ready to hang.

Finish: Varnished with artists quality varnish.

Medium: Painted with professional quality oil paints with silver leaf detail background. Gallery edge canvas stretched on wood frame.

Year: 2022

Authenticity: Signed by Marni Mutrux on the front corner, and well as the back. Painting title and year written on the back.

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