The Traveler

I originally photographed this model for a different painting but a different image kept appearing to me. Sometimes paintings happen that way. So after a few months, we went back and tried again with this reclining pose. I wanted this work to convey the lushness, the absurdity and the complexity of life.  The alligator is symbolic in his presence, and so is the trumpet flower in her ear.


Size: 40″ x 30″ / 102cm x 76m

Medium: Oil on canvas

Series: Deities

Year: 2024

Available. Inquire for purchase and additional photographs/video


Framing: Ships without a frame

Finish: Varnished with artists quality varnish.

Medium: Painted with professional quality oil paints on canvas.

Year: 2024

Authenticity: Signed by Marni Mutrux on the front corner, and well as the back. Painting title and year written on the back.

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