Title: Yemaya

Series: Deities

Medium: Oil on cradled wood panel

Size: 12″

Yemaya is the Goddess of the Seven Seas, known as the “Mother of All” in Nigeria. She is often represented with conch shells and he uses them to amplify her beautiful voice. As a nurturing mother, Yemaya wants her children to be their authentic selves.

Conch shells are very significant to me personally, as they are the symbol of where I come from, Key West, Fl. I’ve worn a gold and enamel conch shell pendant for years, and that is what I used as reference in this painting.



In stock


Framing: Ships without a frame.

Finish: Varnished with artists quality varnish.

Medium:  Oil paint on wood panel

Year: 2024

Authenticity: Signed by Marni Mutrux on the front, and well as the back. Painting title and year written on the back.