Passiflora | 16×20″| oil on canvas

Passiflora evolved so many times while I was creating her. She was inspired by the passion flower growing in my garden. It’s tenacious and inquisitive tendrils reaching out to touch and wrap around everything around it. This vine needed a goddess and I found her in my friend Sarahi who modeled for this painting. The passion flower (or my favorite, flor das cinco chagas) is named, not for love, but for the passion of Christ. It’s five petals & sepals symbolize ten apostles, The filaments, the number of thorns in Jesus’s crown. Every part of the plant has a correlated meaning.

But this painting is instead, a passion flower goddess, who is envelopes by the curious plant. She is one with the natural world.


Size: 16″ x 20″ / 40.5cm x 51cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Series: Deities

Year: 2024

Available on Artsy via 33 Contemporary